Curv-Trak - Curved radius metal track framing

Curv-Trak is the answer in radiused curved metal track for the drywall framing industry.

The Curv-Trak design consultancy team can offer innovative solutions to your needs on site, from curved steel stud and track to assembling whole soffit frames. With the expertise and ability to curve sections from 2-1/2" 25 ga to 8" 12 ga in track, stud, angle and framing our team has the solutions for the most complex curved surfaces.

So make Curv-Trak a partner on your next project as we have perfected the expertise and process for cost-effectively pre-curving metal framing to your exact requirements. Combining light gauge steel framing with a unique fastening and bending system, the most complex architectural and detailed sections can be pre-fabricated, delivered and ready to install. 


Curv-Trak Video