3-5/8 inch ready track


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Ready-Track framing is the fast and dependable way to frame curved walls on the jobsite. Simple to bend into smooth curves, it holds its shape without fasteners for easy positioning and installation. With flexible framing sections, Ready-Track creates a CFS framing system that can help you realize even the most challenging curved designs.

  • Material: 20 gauge (30 mil)
  • Finish: Zinc Galvanized, G60
  • Size: 3.62″ track, 1.25 leg, 8′ length
  • 12 pieces per bundle, 96 total feet

Key Features: 

  • Ideal for curved walls, stairwells, soffits, clouds and complicated compound radiuses
  • Handles almost any application when you need material curved along the flange
  • Screw holes in the bottom web allow the top track radius to be locked down for easy replication, once fitted over the bottom track
  • Optional screw holes in the leg allow the radius to be easily locked down from the side


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